Credits for When the North Pole Melts Kathy Caplins is an occupational therapist who drew this diagram along with the help of a patient named Mr. Ever

Words and Music: Copyright 1987, 1988 Captain Sea Level
Arrangement:  Captain Sea Level, except bars 9, 10, 13, 14 by John Huckans

Musicians on 1988 Recording:

Bass:  Kirby Biggs
Baritone:  John Huckans
Tenor II:  John Huckans
Tenor I:  John Huckans
Melody:  Captain Sea Level
Australian Labor Party Members:  Carl Fletcher, Captain Sea Level, Walter Bauer
Russians:  Walter Bauer, Captain Sea Level
Guitars:  Captain Sea Level
Jingle Bells:  Walter Bauer

Singers at Climate Institute

Bass:  Kirby Biggs, Walter Bauer
Baritone:  JW Titus
Tenor II:  John Huckans and an anonymous member of EPA Chorus
Tenor I:  Charlie Garlow
Soprano:  Terry Corbett
Melody:  Captain Sea Level

Cover Drawing:  Kathy Caplins and Mr. Ever
Printing:  Roger Theil
Recording Engineer:  Carl Fletcher